Tips on How to Make an Actor's Showreel from Scratch

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Every actor should have a showreel to demonstrate their talent. A high quality showreel can help you to increase the amount of auditions you get. It’s your calling card, your introduction to casting directors and agents. This is one of the most important selling tools you can have as an actor.

Director Daniel Johnson shares the best 10 top tips with Constant Casting on creating a showreel from scratch.

  1. Research the company you want to work with
  2. Insist on well new written material, created only for you
  3. Don't over-do genre material. Focus on natural conversation and normal day to day conflict.
  4. Work with good actors
  5. Try to avoid screaming or shouting on your reel
  6. Keep it short
  7. Don't keep bad material
  8. Don't use extra work
  9. Show your personality
  10. Get out there and do your showreel

Daniel Johnson offers a number of options for the editing or shoot and edit of your new showreel, so get in touch to talk further with him.

By Tatiana Giraldo