How To Create The Perfect Constant Casting Profile

Constant Casting


Always make sure that your headshot looks like you. Casting professionals are always searching for the right look and if your headshot isn’t a true presentation of you, you will have a high chance of failing the audition.

Make sure you are uploading a high quality photo. Our website will allow you to upload a photo up to 10MB in size, so why not take advantage of this and choose the highest quality headshot from your images.

There is always a big debate about ‘colour vs. black and white’ headshots. We recommend that you have your headshot in colour. Constant Casting gives you the option to upload unlimited photos to your profile so if you have a great black and white headshot you can include that too.   

Playing age

Be realistic about your age range. On your profile you have the option to choose two different playing ages. Don’t choose your playing age from 18-50 because you are unlikely to looks like 28 and 50 at the same time.


Be honest about your location. It is important for the casting professionals to know about your home and work location so they can make decisions about your travel expenses. If you live in Brighton and you are happy to travel to London make that clear on your profile.

Show/voice reels

Only include if they’re good.  Make sure you include your best plays and if it is possible find professional help to edit your piece; you don’t want to present bad quality work.

Accents, dialects and languages

Only select the ones you can do properly, there is a huge difference between Indian and Scottish accent. Again, only add the languages you’re able to read and script.


Good training creates good graduates so include as much information as you can about where you trained and graduated.


Always start with the most recent and then list your credits in chronological order.

Try to separate your credits into categories; this will make your profile tidy and easy to read for the casting director.

Keep your page up to date and add your most recent credits.

Include the year and always explain if is any long period of unemployment.


These are one of the most important sections.  Make sure you list everything you can do. Casting directors are always looking for specific skills and if you don’t include yours the casting professionals may not see you.

By Tatiana Giraldo